PJ TOURS – Port Stephens

Port Stephen’s bay is twice the size of Sydney Harbour, and being largely undeveloped means the area has retained its natural beauty.

Port Stephens is perhaps best known for its natural scenery, dolphins, whales and other wildlife. There are many cruises for spotting marine creatures, and for taking in the ocean views.

For  those not content with the natural sites there parasailing, jet skiing, go-karting, surfing, horseback riding, various 4WD drive trails over the sand dunes, as well as shell and aviation museums. Port Stephens tours allow you to get a lot of excitement into a one day trip.


Sydney Day Tours

A day tour allows you to see as much as possible on a short trip. There is no hassle with arrangements or transport. The tour look after all the details.


Port Stephens Tours

Port Stephens is ideally located for Sydney day tours. It is only a 2 hour journey, and there is so much to see and do that is far removed from Sydney’s attractions.

Dolphin watch cruises are part of all our Port Stephens tours. See the marine life and enjoy the waters with the ships boom net.

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