Harbour Bridge Climb Options

Several Sydney day tours include the Sydney bridge climb as part of their schedule. But there are other options for the Harbour Bridge climb outside of regular hours.

sydney bridge climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge climbs start at various times and can different routes over the bridge. Prices do vary.

BRIDGE CLIMB SAMPLER:  A 90 minute short trip. The group ascends an inner arch to a vantage point halfway to the top. This is ideal for those who have height concerns.

BRIDGE CLIMB, DAY:  The classic and most popular climb; journey to the summit and experience the 360 degree panorama view of Sydney. These climbs occur several times between morning, afternoon and early evening.

TWILIGHT: Once a day we run a tour that takes in the sunset and, given the right night, the early hours of the Moon.

BRIDGE CLIMB, NIGHT: The same journey as the classic climb, only with the city light below and the stars above.

BRIDGE CLIMB, DAWN:  A predawn departure to capture Sydney at Sunrise.  This included additional photos of the experience.

BRIDGE CLIMB WEDDING:  Several couple have tied the knot in a unique way at the summit of the harbour bridge; talk to us about this once-in-a-lifetime event.



We encourage visitors to take a Sydney tour in order to see as many popular sights as possible in the time available. Then, pursue the individual sights that appeal to personal taste. A night version of the Sydney Bridge climb is one such option.