Essential Sydney

Visiting Sydney? We want to make sure you know about the best sites and attractions, including a few that are worth a day trip from Sydney itself.


Sydney Maritime Museum

The Sydney Maritime Museum is a federally funded site, the only one outside of the nation’s capital. Being such a large museum it may take more than one visit to see all the attractions. And the visiting exhibitions and changing nature of the displays only adds to this situation. The various Sydney Maritime Museum Tickets offer different options depending on the interests of the visitor.

PJ TOUR - Blue Mountains Day Tour

Blue Mountains Day Tour

While not in Sydney the Blue Mountains are only a few hours away, ideal for a one day tour. There are several Blue Mountains tours, because there is so much that appeals to different people. Most day trips include Featherdale Animal Park.


Port Stephens Tours.

With a Harbour twice the size of Sydney’s Port Stephens is full of attractions. While most famous for its dolphin and whale watching cruises there are also 4WD and quad bike trails, jet skiing, Go-Karts, Horse riding,  parasailing and a few museums. Toboggan Park, with its kilometre long downhill track, is particularity popular.

Though outside of Sydney Port Stephens tours are ideally set up for a one day trip.


The Rocks

This was the area first settled by the white colonists in 1788, and now contains many cafes, art & craft shops, and museums amongst its old historic buildings. Many local like the atmosphere of this place, it is often part of many Sydney Day tours.


Harbour Bridge Climb

The Sydney Bridge Climb (there are actually several different climbs on the same bridge) is listed I international tourist guides as one of the most exhilarating experiences for the daring. The panoramic view of Sydney is quite something. Climbers must be fit.

There is also a museum and lookout in the tower at the Milson’s point side of the Bridge.


Luna Park

Once a site used when the Harbour Bridge was being built this is now a heritage listed amusement Park. Entry is free, so even if you are not interested in the rides you might find the area on interest.


Jenolan Caves Tours

Though in the same area as the Blue Mountains the Jenolan Caves are worth at a separate visit. There are over two dozen cave tours for the public, and most visitors can only fit a few tours into their schedule. Accommodation at the Cave House allows for longer visits.


Sydney Day Tours

PJ Tours want you to see as much as possible in the time you have. Our Sydney Day Tours look after all the travel arrangements. See the all best known attractions, and maybe a few lesser known sites.